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Woods' Rose

Woods' Rose (Rosa woodsii), is sometimes known as Mountain, Wild, Common Wild, Interior, Fendler, or Tehachapi Rose. It is a shrub, sub-shrub, or thicket that grows in riparian to open forest, on dry slopes, and in dryland prairie. It is a pioneer species, and is often used in wetland restoration and on slopes for erosion control. It spreads rhizomatously, by root, crown sprouts, and by seed. Its bark is reddish-brown to grey with slender, straight prickles that are often larger below the branch and the leaf nodes. It flowers, or fruits, at 2 to 5 years old and has biennial fruit production which is important food for coyotes, deer, bear, small mammals, and birds.

Height: 1 to 6 foot

Solar Exposure: Part shade to full sun

Bloom Color: Pink to lavender

Bloom Time: June through August

Fruit Time: August through Fall

USDA PLANTS Database Link

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