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Dave Huggins


​Dave first arrived in Latah County in 1981 to take a job as a Soil Conservationist for the Soil Conservation Service (SCS). Working with farmers on conservation issues, Dave developed a passion for the Palouse, agriculture and soil. He went on to work on farms for two years and then to earn a PhD in Soil Science from Washington State University. He joined the Latah SWCD Board as an Associate Supervisor in 1997, became a Supervisor in 2002, and is currently the Chairman of the Board. Dave enjoys working with the Latah SWCD Board members and staff who all share a passion and sense of practicality for conservation.

Josh Jones

Vice Chairman

Josh has been farming near Troy, ID since 2009 where he raises a variety of cereal grains, grass seed, rapeseed and alfalfa. Since beginning to farm, he has maintained a constant focus on soil health through adoption of precision farming methods, direct seeding and currently experimenting with re-integrating livestock to facilitate a healthy land management system. He has served as a Latah SWCD Board Supervisor since 2011 and has enjoyed helping to guide current projects and explore new directions, particularly in soil health of regional farmland. Josh is thankful to be a part of this organization.

Kevin Meyer


Kevin operates a family farm with his son Grant, growing wheat, barley, chickpeas, and lentils in a three year rotation system. They employ numerous conservation measure on the farm including a two-pass cultivation and seeding system, divided slopes, waterways and filter strips. Kevin has served on the Latah SWCD Board since being elected in 1997. He enjoys the interaction with like minded people and being able to bring about positive outcomes to conservation problems. He and wife enjoying camping, supporting WSU Cougar sports, and spending time with their 19 grandchildren.

Jen Elliot


Jen operates a farm with her husband Chance in Troy, Idaho called Palouse Prairie Farms. They started their operation in 2006 and raise grass fed and finished beef, as well as heritage pork. Jen runs the day to day operations on the farm including, handling livestock, marketing, sales, meat processing, bookkeeping, crop management and is the main post pounder. She has a background in Education and Landscape Architecture with specific interest in native plant restoration. She is interested in building soil health through innovative techniques including cover cropping, planned grazing, no till farming, high crop diversity and feeding soil microorganisms. Her interests are in bridging the gap between research and practical application to build soil health on farms in our community, as well native plant restoration. She is a mama of two and enjoys spending time outdoors on rivers and in the wilderness with her family.

Garry Esser


Kyle Hawley


Kyle was raised locally on a family farm and has been involved in farming since childhood. He has always been interested in natural resources, especially those associated with agriculture. He went on to earn a Master Degree in Soil Science from the University of Idaho and began farming himself in 1978. Kyle also spent 10 years working for the University of Idaho Department of Agricultural Engineering on a reduced tillage conservation project. He has served on the LSWCD Board since 1987. He enjoys being part of a very active Board of Supervisors who continuously strive to develop new projects that address local natural resource concerns, and working with a staff that complete high quality projects. He feels fortunate for the opportunity to serve and participate as the LSWCD staff has grown from one to nine full time employees, completing hundreds of conservation projects along the way.

Andy Hill


Andy joined the Board of Supervisors as an Associate in 2015. He appreciates working with a passionate group of Supervisors and staff toward a common goal of conservation on the Palouse. When not serving on the Board, he is involved with stream monitoring and restoration efforts throughout the region.

Tom Trail

Associate Supervisor

​A former state Representative, Tom manages a 500 acre family farm east of Moscow growing winter wheat and garbanzos. As a Legislator on the affairs committee he worked closely with local district leadership to rewrite and update the portions of the Idaho Code relating to the Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission and it’s operation and relationship with the state conservation districts. Tom has been a Latah SWCD supervisor since 2013 and enjoys being able to participate in the decision making process for important conservation programs and projects that benefit farmers and citizens of Latah county.

Cody Anderson

Associate Supervisor









Lee Hawley

Associate Supervisor



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