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Board of Supervisors

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Dave Huggins


​Dave first arrived in Latah County in 1981 to take a job as a Soil Conservationist for the Soil Conservation Service (SCS). Working with farmers on conservation issues, Dave developed a passion for the Palouse, agriculture and soil. He went on to work on farms for two years and then to earn a PhD in Soil Science from Washington State University. He joined the Latah SWCD Board as an Associate Supervisor in 1997, became a Supervisor in 2002, and is currently the Chairman of the Board. Dave enjoys working with the Latah SWCD Board members and staff who all share a passion and sense of practicality for conservation.

Kyle Hawley

Vice Chairman

Kyle was raised locally on a family farm and has been involved in farming since childhood. He has always been interested in natural resources, especially those associated with agriculture. He went on to earn a Master Degree in Soil Science from the University of Idaho and began farming himself in 1978. Kyle also spent 10 years working for the University of Idaho Department of Agricultural Engineering on a reduced tillage conservation project. He has served on the LSWCD Board since 1987. He enjoys being part of a very active Board of Supervisors who continuously strive to develop new projects that address local natural resource concerns, and working with a staff that complete high quality projects. He feels fortunate for the opportunity to serve and participate as the LSWCD staff has grown from one to nine full time employees, completing hundreds of conservation projects along the way.

Kirk Nelson


I was born and raised in Troy ID. Ever since I was tall enough to see out the seat of a pickup to help shuffle equipment around, I’ve been working on the family farm. After high school I went to the University of Idaho to receive a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural business. Once graduated I returned to the farm. My brother Riley and I are now taking over the farm as the 4th generation in our family. We are passionate about conserving the soil for future generations and do so by utilizing no-till equipment to keep as much residue on the surface and by rotating our wheat, garbs, peas, lentils, and barley crops with long term timothy grass stands that help keep the soil intact better for 6 to 7 years. I am new to the board as of 2022.​

Kendall Kahl



Kendall’s interest in soil conservation and agriculture began while studying Community Development and Economics at the University of Vermont. Her passion for agriculture grew after spending several years working for a variety of farms, both small and large scale. Since moving to Moscow, ID in 2011 she continued to work in agriculture, as a farm employee or researcher. She became acquainted with the Latah SWCD while working as a member of the field crew as her first job in Moscow. She then completed a Master’s Degree in Soil Science from the University of Idaho in 2014. She worked for the Latah SWCD as a Soil Scientist for a year before returning to the University of Idaho where she been a Research Specialist in the Soil and Water Systems Department since 2016. Her research focuses around working with farmers to understand how conservation and regenerative agriculture practices affect soil health and farm productivity. Kendall joined the Latah SWCD Board of Supervisors in 2022. She appreciates the District’s practical approach to finding solutions for local natural resource concerns and is excited to work with the talented Latah SWCD team.


Penny Morgan


I serve to listen and learn, and to further the conservation goals of local landowners through the projects at the district. I’ve long been impressed with the quality and scope of the watershed and meadow restoration projects that the staff have accomplished. The conservation benefits are tremendous at each project site, AND there are benefits far beyond the boundaries of the project areas.


I have always cared about conservation. I retired from the University of Idaho where I taught, did research, and enjoyed working with landowners and land managers. My expertise is as a fire ecologist, especially how forest ecosystems respond to wildfires and prescribed fires. I taught for many years in the Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences Department, and so I can certainly help with thinking through plans for forest fuels management and forest restoration efforts. I was one of the co-founders of the Palouse Land Trust and served on the board and then advisory board for some years. Now I am President of the local White Pine Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society where among other things, I chair the committee planning the native plant sale held each year in May. Our group provides small grants for conservation and restoration and education projects as part of our mission to conserve and understand our native flora.


I’ve lived in Latah County since 1986 and before that from 1980-1984. My husband and I raised ourkids here in Moscow, and we all enjoy our cabin and 8+ acres of former farm ground near Deary. I grew up in Wyoming where my family still has ranch land. We have worked with the local conservation district there on multiple projects, including fish habitat and fire hazard mitigation. Our family delights in caring for the lands together.

Cody Anderson

Associate Supervisor










Lee Hawley

Associate Supervisor






Josh Jones

Associate Supervisor










Kevin Meyer

Associate Supervisor

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