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Wheat Field
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Our goal is to preserve and restore range and pasture land productivity for the benefit of wildlife and livestock while providing voluntary opportunities for the long term preservation of working rangelands in Latah County.

Range & Pasture Lands

  • About 196,000 acres of grazing land is found in Latah County.  About five percent of the agricultural income in the county is from the sale of livestock products.

  • Nearly 15,000 acres is referred to as rangeland, while 181,000 acres is grazable wood land.

  • Rangeland is found primarily on the south-facing slopes in the canyons adjacent to the lower portions of the Potlatch River and its tributaries.

  • The natural vegetation on much of the rangeland of Latah County has been largely depleted by continuous heavy use early in spring since the 1880’s.

  • Much of the original bluebunch wheatgrass and Idaho fescue has been replaced by annual brome grasses and sod-forming bluegrass.

Rangeland and Grazing Resources

Swimming Fish

Range & Pasture

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