Public Health

Latah SWCD addresses public health concerns relating to air, water and climate that are linked to land management activities. 

The Latah SWCD supports the management of natural resources in a manner that protects the public health of citizens of Latah County and the Palouse region while simultaneously providing for long-term economic sustainability of private working lands in Latah County.

The Public Health resource of community concern focuses on public health issues that can be linked to land management activities within Latah County.  Strategies and tasks will focus on best management practices that can be implemented to protect and restore natural resource conditions that provide benefits to public health.

The Public Health ROCC is delineated into five primary categories:


  • Air Quality

  • Global Climate Change

  • Drinking Water Quantity

  • Drinking Water Quality

  • Surface Water/Recreational Contact

Public Health

Surface Water and Recreation
Global Climate Change
Air Quality
Drinking Water Quality
Drinking Water Quantity
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