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Panicled Bulrush

Panicled Bulrush (Scirpus microcarpus), also known as Small-fruited Bulrush, can be found along roadsides, streambanks, irrigation ditches, wet meadows, marshes, beaver ponds, springs, foothills, valleys, plains, and mountain sites. It is a perennial grass-like that is easily distinguishable from other grass-likes but can be confused with other bullrush (Scirpus) species. It has a triangular stem, and its leaves can be up to 1/2" wide. Its flowers contain 4 to 6 slender bristles that slightly surpass the achene body but not the scales.

Height: 12" to 40"

Solar Exposure: Part-shade to full-sun

Bloom Color: White to tan

USDA PLANTS Database Link

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