April 2020

Crew Member of the Month

Meet Gavin Gardner

Gavin has worked for Latah SWCD since September 2015. He has also worked with the Department of Environmental Quality for several field seasons assessing streams and rivers for water quality.


Gavin has a bachelor’s degree in environmental science. He went down this career path to do work that offsets the impacts of climate change and human degradation of the environment through habitat creation and conservation.  Working for Latah SWCD allows an avenue for him to do environmental restoration and habitat conservation work first-hand.


Gavin grew up in Coeur d'Alene and spent a lot of time on the lakes and rivers there. Growing up he participated in hunting, fishing, and archery events. For fun, Gavin enjoys keeping aquariums, backpacking and hiking, reading sci-fi and fantasy books, and playing board games. 

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